Thursday, December 29, 2005

DAWN TEMPO 24/12/2005 07:30-09:00 (CET) @ Radio Tilos >>

DAWN TEMPO 24/12/2005 07:30-09:00 (CET) @ Radio Tilos >>
Dubstep, Grime, Electrobreaks

23Hz & Numaestro - Nemesis [CDR Promo]
Slaughter Mob - Fever [Halo Beats 001]
23Hz & Numaestro - Dissident [CDR Promo]
Professor J-S - Militia [BOKA 003]
Dj Klassic - Klax [CDR Promo]
Mark One - Get busy [A.R.M.Y.001]
Klassic - The budz [CDR Promo]
Mark One - Life support [Southside Dubstars 001]
Rossi B. & Luca ft. N.A.S.T.Y - In The Place [RL001 white]
Digital Mystikz - Twisup [DMZ001]
Mala - Neverland [DMZ005]
Coki - Officer [DMZ004]
Coki - Stuck [DMZ005]
D1 - Identity [Tempa 015 white]
D1 - I believe [Soul Ja 008]
D1 - Degrees [Tempa 015 white]
Skream - Midnight request line [Tempa 014]
Skream - Get mad [Big Apple Music 007]
Product01 - I like it loud (Buckfunk 3000 rmx) [BOWWOW2]
Tipper - Squiggle [Tippermusic]
Micko - Tigons & Liger (Si Begg remix) [Noodles Institute Of Technology NOODRAD001]
Son Of The Electric Ghost - B1.Rejected,Repossessed [Bless Recordings 011]
Tipper - Unlock The Geometry [Tippermusic]
DST - We are robots [CDR]
Lawgiverz - Luv [Botchit & Scarper BOS2041R]

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chi Recordings presents: CHW001 OUT - AMB: Flounder remixes - Download it for free!

Chi Recordings presents: CHW001 OUT - AMB: Flounder remixes - Download it for free!

Chiware is Chi Recordings' "free2download" netlabel... keep an eye on the page as every month we will release
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03> AMB: Flounder /DST assimetric remix/

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Eastern impressions on minimalistic ways - Interview with Cyrus

Lost city, Shaolin, Marachi, Banshi, Sombrero, Tripal path etc. Many tracks rooting in the oldschool 2step-side of dubstep. Tribalistic slinky beats formed around indian, far eastern or raga motion, bubblin basslines: I could describe with these expressions the sound of the RANDOM TRIO. I asked member of the Trio, Cyrus about this and about the present state of the dubstep-scene keepin in my hands their first release called as "Random Trio Ep".

Cyrus @ DMZ 3

D--Please introduce us to the Random Trio formation. Who are the members and what is it about?

C--Random Trio consists of two main members, Cyrus and Omni. We formed in 2002. The third person being the random member is made up of various other djs , mc’s, singers ect..

D--How did you meet with Omni?

C--We originally met back in 1999 through a mutual friend when they were both booked to play at a local club in Croydon.

D--How did you get into the world of dubstep? What are your roots?

C--Dub step's the sound i've been waiting for. I started out the same as most people.. Drum & bass and just moved through to garage, playing the deepest I could find. I just progressed from there. Dubstep originated in croydon (my home town). The sound for me started to take a turn when Skreamz and Benga started bringing out there beats at the ripe age of 16 yrs old. This would of been around 2-3 yrs ago.

D--Yes, I know. It was the ice age of the dubstep. I was a very mystic thing. I mean that the most of the recent dubstep faces - ike me - in the scene are influenced by the sound from that time. I think that the bubbling basslines of the early Benga & Skream tracks are determining for everyone. Isn't it for you?

C--Yeah man. There tracks were a turning point for the garage scene no doubt. A lot of over seas people that are getting into it still seem to go for the older dub step tracks that were being made.

Cyrus & N-Type @ DMZ 3

D--How do yo see now the dubstep scene and your relations in that?

C--The scene is growing fast. This is due to some big nights that are being held, ie DMZ and subloaded to name a couple. Not forgetting the over seas crew that have been repping hard. There was only a few people that were producing dubstep from the begining and we were 1 of them so i think we play a fair part in spreading the virus. U got people like Digital Mystikz that are world wide now. Them guys have pushed this sound to the max along with Loefah.

D--How do you mean over seas crew? Joe Nice and friends in USA?

C--Yeah along with the european following we have.

D--How do yoe experience the feedbacks in the UK? How big audience do you have at the clubnights?

C--The audiances are getting bigger with every event thats held. More and more different face at everyone back in the day it was only industry face's you'd see. These days its all walks of life. I've even seen a 60 yr old shocking out at DMZ. Thats somthing else mate. It's music for everyone. Good vibes all the way.

D--I agree.Have you been in the USA as dj?

C--Not yet. Still waiting for that...

D--Is there a good scene there? I hear many about the USA-dubstep-activity ie Joe Nice.

C--Yeah man. Joe is pushing the sound out there big time. I spoke to him the other week and he was saying that the crowd out there are asking for thunes by name now. Thats big! Aswell as artists. Most people don't even do that over here.

D--It's great. Many producers has turned the last year in the direction of the halfstep-beats. Till now you don't seem to follow their instance. The halfstep-sound could be said as higher level into the dub music with it's slowed down vibe. What do you think about the future of the dubstep-sound?

C--Every producer has there own sound, we bring our own vibe into it. I'm into more minimalistic beats to be honest. Dubstep as a sound is changing all the time.

D--How could you describe your tracks? Do you have any formula when starting to make new tracks?

C--I suppose id describe my beats as more laid back, but still deep... as for formula, I just start out with a kick, snare and hat..then build from that. I do a few loops till i find a pattern i like then its all go..

D--Where are your samples taken from? I think of the samples that makes your sound unique - so not of the kicks, snares, hats and basses - I think of the rest, for example the flutes...

C--Mostly sample cd's or from friends. I like using ethnic sounds, a friend brought me back a good cd from Thailand - all local music.. Maybe i should learn how to play a flute or soming....I also like using atmospheric sounds at a low level in my tracks. It gives an ambience.

D--Which equipment do you use in the studio to produce?

C--It's all done on pc. Programe wise I mainly use Reason 3, I also have Cubase sx 3, Mackie Tractions Logic, and of course Fruity Loops. For mastering I use T-Rex. (does the job). To cut samples I'll use either Cool Edit Pro or SoundForge.i of course have a key board and a pair of tannoy reveal monitors. Thats the way these days. A big studio is not needed.

D--I agree this. I can see everywhere that even more producers are choosing the world of computers.

C--Why spend out thousands on a big studio when it can be done for a fraction of the price. Of course u wont get an overall better finish but were not main stream so..

D--What was the reason to make your own label?

C--Jus 2 give people more variaty. There was only about 2 or 3 lables bringing out dubstep so irt was just another option - and also earn more..LOL

D--How do you divide the work between you and Omni?

C--100% me at the moment. All the tracks out are written and produced by me, label me. Omni 's concentraitin on his job and family at the moment. He'll be back on it 1 day... I've just recently signed another producer from Manchester called Omen to Random Trio. He's a sick producer so watch out for his beats. Omni's a don though. He showed me the ways...

D--It's great! Is Omen also producing so minimalistic sound like you? Or is he bringing a new colour to the scene and to the label?

C--He's bringing a new twist to it. He's style is totally different to mine so hopefully our releases will appeal to a wider audiance.

D--Do you have any schedule-plan of the releases? What's upcoming?

C--I have an Ep coming out on Tectonic around Christmas or early in the new year, Omen also has 1 coming out early next year but i'll keep the details of that hush..We have a few labels intreasted in releases but nothing in concrete. There'll aslo be a another release on RTP next year

Watchout for: (in shops now)
RTP001 - Random Trio Ep - Lost city / Shaolin / Marachi

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DAWN TEMPO 10/12/2005 07:30-09:00 (CET) @ Radio Tilos >>

DAWN TEMPO 10/12/2005 07:30-09:00 (CET) @ Radio Tilos >>
Dubstep, Electronica, House

Ekaros - Vibrio comma (Outro) [CDR Promo]
Moving Ninja - Uranium [CDR Promo]
Ekaros - Sabring [CDR Promo]
Moving Ninja - Kemancheh [CDR Promo]
Dj Pinch - Quwwali [CDR Promo forthcoming Planet Mu ZIQ133]
Moving Ninja - Saw [CDR Promo]
Shackleton - The hidden revealed [CDR Promo]
Shackleton - I want to eat you [CDR Promo]
Shackleton - Tin fail sky [CDR Promo]
Shackleton - When an else fails (Savage Republic - Shackleton remix) [CDR Promo]
Shackleton - Naked [CDR Promo]
Bleach Bastard - Limb by limb [CDR Promo]
Loefah - Horror show [DMZ002]
Ekaros - Drakula [CDR Promo]
Vex'D - Thunder [Planet Mu ZIQ115]
Vex'D - Killing Floor [CDR Promo]
Boxcutter - Brood [Hotflush 010]
Plasticman - Aqua riddim [Terrorhytm - TERR003]
Random Trio - Marachi [Random Trio Productions 001]
AMB - Flounder (Ferenc Vaspoeri mikro mix) [ChiWare 001 CDR]
Futureshock - Late at night [Parlophone / Junior 12R6617]
Replicant - Blue Light [Eye Industries 004]